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our nurture team loves working with families to make a safe and natural home birth a reality. Canyon Midwifery is here to inspire you, educate you, support you, and love you through one of the most intimate and personal experiences of your life!


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Nurturing Mom, Baby + Family.


Breastfeeding support for mom + baby. Meet the nurture team and learn more about lactation the services offered.


Nurturing care that every woman deserves. Canyon Midwifery offers a variety of services ranging from home birth to primary care options.

Nurture Team

Meet the all RN Nurture team behind Canyon Midwifery. Each person trained to the highest standard of care + compassion.


The long path from preschool to midwifery…

The long path from preschool to midwifery. There and back again. As a young girl I could not get enough of playing with small children. They delighted me like nothing else. I would go down to the neighbor’s house to help with her new baby. I started babysitting at age 13 for 4 kids from…
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HBAC Transfer Handled with Care

As soon as I found out I was expecting baby number two, I knew I wanted to have a home VBAC with Connie.  My first child was breech and was delivered by cesarean, but I was fortunate to have received Connie’s care before and after the C-section.  Connie genuinely cares for people, and her knowledge,…
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“There are no risks with epidurals” NOT!

“There are no risks with epidurals” NOT! Believe it or not, I actually heard these words come out of the mouth of an anesthesiologist in a hospital setting. This was his reply when the laboring woman asked him if there were any risks of this procedure.  He blatantly replied: “There are no risks with epidurals!” My…
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