How will my midwife help me during labor?

Your midwife has many years of experience supporting and assisting women to birth their babies in a safe, satisfying, and empowering experience.

She will help you with prenatal education, one-on-one labor support, and the use of many tools and comfort measures to decrease your apprehension, fears and discomforts in labor.

These tools may include the use of aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower essences, herbal blends for labor and birth, therapeutic touch, massage, hydrotherapy, a birth ball, a peanut ball, a birth stool, a rebozo/shawl, and most importantly, her presence throughout the majority of your labor, birth, and a few hours afterward.

She will assist you to initiate breastfeeding and insure that your recovery is complete before she leaves.

If you are transported to the hospital, your midwife will accompany you in most cases and provide ongoing support for you and your partner.

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