HBAC Transfer Handled with Care

VBAC Water Birth

As soon as I found out I was expecting baby number two, I knew I wanted to have a home VBAC with Connie.  My first child was breech and was delivered by cesarean, but I was fortunate to have received Connie‚Äôs care before and after the C-section.  Connie genuinely cares for people, and her knowledge, experience, and big heart were just what this anxious mama needed!  

Connie could not have done a more fabulous job caring for me throughout my pregnancy.  I never felt rushed during appointments, and all of my questions were taken seriously.  It was such a comfort being able to call Connie when I needed something or just had a question.  This came in especially handy during the early stages of labor.  It helped immensely to hear her words of encouragement and support as I labored at home and over-analyzed every little thing.  Her reassurance that I was doing well and that what I was experiencing was normal helped me through this new experience.   

When the time arrived to have Connie come to my home, there was no hesitation on her part.  She knew I needed her to be with me, and her mere presence in my home relaxed me and soothed my spirit.  I had renewed energy to do what needed to be done to bring my daughter into this world.  Connie intuitively knew I needed space and solitude, but she was still there checking vitals, offering her support, checking on my emotions, taking notes, and guiding me through the birthing process.  

Everything with the birth went beautifully.  I got to birth my daughter in a pool of warm water surrounded by people I loved and trusted.  I had a successful HBAC! My placenta, however, had a different plan.  It refused to detach despite everything that Connie and her assistant did, and after many different strategies, it was decided I should transfer to a nearby hospital.  My husband, newborn and I headed out with Connie following behind. 

The hospital knew to expect us because Connie had called ahead.  She helped me inside and joined us in my hospital room after taking care of her car.  She provided necessary documentation of my pregnancy and birth to the attending physician, and she stayed with us answering questions and providing pertinent information until a plan for me was put in place.  In the end, the doctors could find no reason for my placenta to have not detached.  It was removed, and I needed to stay in the hospital overnight for observation.  Connie checked on me throughout my stay via telephone.  

I have no words to explain how amazing Connie truly is.  She was there every step of the way, and I cannot be more pleased with the care I received.  No one wants to have to transfer from a home birth, but Connie made the process smooth, easy, and stress free.