Important Questions + Answers.

That’s probably the most common question we hear! The first thing that we do for safety is to carefully screen all women during their prenatal care. In this way, only the very healthiest of women start out their labor at home. Out of these low-risk women, anywhere from 85-90% will give birth at home without complications that require transfer. The remaining 10-15% of low-risk women will be transferred for a variety of reasons. The great majority of transfers are not emergencies.

Trained and experienced midwives will attend your birth with their assistants.

Your birth kit is included in your home birth care plan, and is given at your 36 week appointment. We will bring our kits that contain oxygen, medications, instruments, baby scale, herbs, essential oils, and other tools and equipment for safe birth outside the hospital.

If there are emergency complications during your labor or birth, we will immediately call 911 and transport you to the nearest hospital that has maternity care. If your baby is having problems we will call 911 or if there is time we can take the baby to the nearest hospital that has a full NICU.

During labor we will be checking your blood pressure, pulse and temperature and listening to the baby’s heartbeat at frequent intervals with the Doppler. After birth we will be checking both you and your baby frequently. If any of these vital signs are abnormal, you and/or your baby will be transferred to the hospital for higher risk care.

During your prenatal care course you will have blood tests, an ultrasound and glucose testing. We will also be checking you at routine prenatal care intervals to make sure all is well. Your visits will be monthly until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until the baby is born.

Every woman has the choice to decline testing. I, however, need to be able to document that you are low-risk and that your baby has no major birth defects that mean you should give birth in a hospital. If you choose to decline all testing, then you will not be able to birth at home with Canyon Midwifery.

One of your options at preciousarrows.com is to include a birth pool and liner with your order. You will also need the RV hose and faucet adaptor to fill the pool in your house or apartment. It is also possible to rent birth tubs online. Keep in mind that although many women initially plan to give birth in a tub or pool, only about 30% actually deliver in the water for a variety of reasons. Think about that as you are considering the costs. Many women just use their own shower or tub during labor and find it very helpful for comfort. You don’t necessarily need lots of special equipment to have a great birth!

No, you will be attended by the certified nurse midwife and her registered nurse assistant. 

Every home is different and every family has a different style of daily life. We will give you an instruction sheet about preparing your home and we really expect just the basics of home safety and cleanliness.

We will be with you continuously when you are in active labor. Active labor means at least 5 cm of dilation with very frequent contractions. If we come to check you and you are in early labor (less than 5cm) we might go home and return when your labor is more active. After the birth, we stay about 2 hours to make sure you and the baby are recovering normally. If needed, we will stay longer. Plus we are always available by phone.

That depends on the type and number of pets. If you have large or aggressive dogs you will need to put them in another room. If you have a lot of cats, we may not be able to take care of you due to severe cat allergies. Reptiles and snakes will need to be in their habitats. Call if you have other specific questions about your pets.

That depends on what your insurance is and exactly what your benefits are! Each employer picks a certain plan for their employees. Some have high deductibles and high co-pays. Others have very little. I am contracted as in-network with some insurance companies, but whether or not they will cover you for out-of-hospital birth depends on your specific plan. At Canyon Midwifery you will need to pay for your birth services up-front. After your birth we will give you an itemized statement to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

A doula is a professional labor support person. The word doula means “woman caregiver” or “women’s servant.” Doulas are trained to give continuous support to the couple throughout labor and birth. She may also bring labor tools to the birth. Some doulas also provide childbirth education and breastfeeding support. Some are postpartum doulas who help care for the entire family after the birth. The doula does not provide any medical care. In a home birth setting, your midwife will often provide this ongoing support and care. If you think you may need or want this extra support, go to the DONA International website for more information.