Carol Kidd

Carol Kidd IBCLC

Breastfeeding has fascinated me since the day I became a mother. It’s such a simple activity with such complex biology and physiology, so integral to the development and attachment of a child, and so foundational to the connected family. The more I learn, the more there is to learn. I started helping mothers as an accredited volunteer 16 years ago. In those years, I have helped hundreds of mothers nurse their babies successfully! Natural birth environment has taught me how different breastfeeding outcomes can be. 

My own experience with hospital birth and interventions, as well as the stories of the many women I have helped, led me to choose a home birth and experience the difference for myself. 

I met Connie when I was pregnant with our third child. I had the great blessing of having her attend our daughter’s birth in the comfort of our home. After she was born, I decided to start work as an IBCLC in private practice. Connie later asked me to join her team in providing breastfeeding education and consultations for her Canyon Midwifery patients. 

My IBCLC certification means that I am an allied health professionalwith the skills and experience to get to the bottom of the most complex of breastfeeding problems. My aim is to help families meet their breastfeeding goals. I employ my skills, knowledge, experience, evidenced based information and resources to do that. 

Carol Kidd + Family

The fun facts about me… I am wife to my handsome husband of 25 years and mom to three wonderful kids ages 20, 18 and 5. As a family, we love the outdoors, road trips, camping, and the beach. We love learning, reading, music, and the arts. Mostly, we love being a family.