The heart behind Canyon Midwifery.

Canyon Midwifery loves working with mothers + families to achieve an intimate and empowering birth experience through nurturing support, education, and care values. There is no experience more satisfying than welcoming your new bundle of joy into a room filled with a nurture staff that has your birth goals in their hearts.


Connie Garcia, CNM/MSN -- has over 40 years of birthing experience, and 14 years as a childbirth educator, you can rest assured that you and your baby are in safe + nurturing hands.

Canyon Midwifery is located in the West Valley of the Phoenix, Arizona. We not only offer birth care packages, but women's health care for women of all ages. You will always be greeted with a warm smile and feel like you are apart of the family. Our nurture team is here to help women through every stage of life. 


Our care team specializes in women's health care needs for all ages, prenatal and postnatal care, and lactation consultation services. At Canyon Midwifery we want you to feel comfortable and at home. You will never feel like you are walking into a clinic. We can't wait to meet you at every season of life.