Why Us?

You might be wondering why you should choose Canyon Midwifery for your care
when there are many wonderful midwifery practices in the Phoenix area?

Here are some reasons:

Experience: Connie Garcia was an obstetrics nurse for 18 years before returning to school to complete her Masters degree and midwifery studies. She has helped thousands of women give birth in low-risk hospital settings, high-risk hospital, birth centers and at home. Working in all these settings provides one with a vast variety of experiences and situations. As a CNM, she has attended more than 2400 births! Connie also associates with other very experienced midwives in peer review and back-up.

Safety: Connie has the reputation of being a safe provider with local hospitals and OB practices. This may mean transferring or referring a woman for medical care but always focusing on what is safest for both mother and baby in any situation. Safety also means your privacy. You are safe to ask or talk about absolutely anything during your visits! No matter what it may be

Flexibility: We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule for appointments, including evening or weekend appointments if needed and reasonable.

Expanded Knowledge: Beside knowledge in the medical side of midwifery, Connie also has experience and knowledge in aromatherapy and use of essential oils, herbal support and treatments, and limited homeopathy. These all complement each other in the care of women and their families, and contribute to the art of midwifery.

Commitment to education: We are committed to providing you with the most complete education, preparation, and support for your birth as possible. This may take place during your regular visits or as separate classes that are available.

Willingness to learn! One of the most exciting and important aspects of care is learning from our clients! We are willing to learn from you, to do even more research, and develop new and interesting modes of care. This has led to the development of a protocol to prevent and treat hyperemesis, preconception protocols, and one to help with elevated blood pressure in pregnancy.

Fun! One thing that we never want to forget is fun! Coming to a prenatal visit should be fun, we should be able to laugh and play through our visits, never diminishing anything serious, but taking ourselves lightly at the same time! We welcome your other children at visits and will always have something safe for them to play with while we take care of you. Children can also help listen to their baby and measure your tummy! This helps them feel that they are an integral part of taking care of mommy!